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What's really holding you back from your dream trip? Is it really the money?

Or are you unsure how to plan it?

What is your dream trip? Relaxation or Adventure? Maybe a little bit of both?

Have you ever wondered if Pizza is really better in Italy? Sushi in Japan? Pastries in Paris?

Do you want your favorite selfie to be in front of the typical famous landmark? Or with the family that owns the restaurant, hidden in the local village where you had the best meal of your life?

What holds anyone back from living their dream? FEAR. That's what I have found to be the #1 reason that holds people back from taking their dream trip... Fear of planning it.


You saved and set aside a week or two of your valuable time for your dream vacation. What if it doesn’t go as planned? What if you realize afterwards there’s so much more you could have done? Imagine how it would feel to realize your dream vacation turned out to be…..well, ordinary.


That’s why you want a Travel Coach. Not just to book things and make reservations. This isn’t some old fashioned travel agent thing. This is removing the fear of planning your dream trip! Removing the fear of making the wrong choices. Isn’t it even more important to feel like you got the best out of the experience? That it was an exceptional experience? Imagine planting a tree in Hawaii on your honeymoon that you can revisit in years to come that represents the growth of your love and relationship. Imagine becoming lifelong friends with the chef at a family owned restaurant in Rome, that she gives you the exact recipe of your favorite dish so you can bring a little taste of Italy home with you?

That’s TripsWithCwick. Where your exceptional experience is coached out of you with dream sessions in advance, a plan is put into motion and every detail is arranged for you.

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Hi I’m Ryan Cwick. As your Travel Coach, I can be the backbone of your trip. There are two ways I can make sure your trip is an exceptional experience. In addition to planning every detail, I can also be your guide and coordinator. Of course, your privacy is all yours but this is ideal when you want the comfort of guidance or are traveling alone. Or, I can plan out every detail of your trip for you in advance, assuring that everything is covered as well as guaranteeing unique cultural experiences that will make your experience exceptional.

I've had the travel bug ever since I was a baby. In fact, I had to get my first passport before I turned 1 in order to take my first trip from Miami to London for my 1st birthday. Since then, I've explored 21 different countries, as well as 20 different states across America, and every trip has been filled with unique experiences and memories I’ll never forget.

Navigating cobblestone streets, taking trains through the open countryside, making lifelong friends with locals in other countries, and climbing to the highest point in every city are just a few things (of a very long list) that bring me joy from my experiences of traveling.

My passion is helping people see the beautiful world that we live in, and how the experience of traveling can have an incredible impact on your life. I’ve found that everyone has daydreamed about places that you would love to visit, food that you would love to taste, cultures you would love to experience. Yet, the fear of your dream turning out to be nothing like you imagined, is one of the main reasons you continue to put it off until "the time is right". 

Whatever the destination, whatever your travel style is, I will make sure that your dream trip is exactly that... everything you dreamed it’d be.

Have you ever felt stuck? Like when you
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The day is officially here. You’ve triple checked your suitcase for everything you need, yet it still feels like you’re forgetting something and you just can’t think clearly because your mind is already set to “do not disturb”.  Your passport is waiting for that fresh new ink to be stamped in it. Your week long adventure of exploring, eating, drinking, laughter, and making memories has officially begun as you lock up your home and get in your ride to the airport. You look at the list you have made of things you want to see/do/experience and the adrenaline and excitement starts to kick in. You look at the page next to it titled “Spontaneous Experiences” that you left completely blank, waiting to be filled with those experiences that you decided not to plan for. You see the sign “Departures” and a big smile lights up your face. As you get out of the car you hear the roaring of the airplanes as they are taking off. Suitcase in one hand, passport in the other. Your trip has begun.

Benefits of having a Travel Coach:

  • Worried about how early to get to the train station/airport? Covered.

  • How will I get from Paris to Rome? Covered.

  • Should we get tickets for this museum/tour in advance or is it better to get them there? Covered.

  • I’m not sure what I should pack. Covered.

  • I’m not sure if we should spend 2 or 4 days here. Covered.

  • I want to eat at a family owned restaurant with authentic local cuisine, not a tourist trap. Covered.

  • I don’t want to waste my time wondering what to do next, every minute counts. Covered.

At the end of the day this is your trip. It will be custom tailored to the things you enjoy most and will avoid feeling like you in any way wasted the opportunity. Planning and coordination of a trip can be stressful and take up a lot of time. Not to mention finding the best way to get from place to place or where the best spot in town is for fondue. That is why, as your travel coach, you can leave all of those details to me. All you have to do is pack your bags and show up, I'll do the rest!